A week and a half ago we kicked off Snack Madness, the third bracket in our annual food bracket series that was preceded by Meat Madness and The Fast Food Bracket. On Saturday afternoon, we wrapped voting on the first round of our 64 snack tournament. Second round voting will begin at 12 pm on Monday, March 28th, with four new match-ups to vote on each day. Let’s take a look at the updated bracket to see our 2nd round match-ups:

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In the Cookie bracket, #1 seed Oreo takes on #8 Nutter Butter, but looks to be a juggernaut that may not face a tough fight for another round or two. Two first round cinderallas face off against each other, with #12 Teddy Grahams and #13 Nilla Wafers doing battle to face the winner of Oreo/Nutter Butter. #3 Chips Ahoy! with their high-selling line of cookies faces off against cult favorite #6 Milano’s. The winner will face the victor in the battle between #2 Fig Newtons and #7 Tollhouse. Tollhouse CRUSHED Vienna Fingers in the first round. Could the selection committee have underestimated their strength? Will they be able to knock of Fig Newtons, a very popular but divisive cookie?

In the Potato Chip bracket, all the first round winners cruised to an easy victory except for #10 Terra chips, who narrowly snuck by Zapp’s. In round 2, #1 seed Lay’s faces off against #8 Utz. After knocking off Wise in the first round, #12 popchips look to continue its cinderella run against #4 Kettle and its popular variety of flavors. In a battle of two mass-produced, mainstream brands, #3 Pringles takes on #6 Ruffles. The aforementioned  #10 seed Terra has to take on #2 Cape Cod.

The most intrigue may lie in the stacked “Miscellaneous Snacks” bracket. #1 Tostitos should be able to easily dispense with #9 Bugles, but what about #5 Rold Gold vs. #4 Chex Mix? Both have huge sales and it may come down to snack mix vs. pretzel preferences. #3 Cheetos faces a TOUGH match-up with the popular #6 seed, Sunchips and #7 Fritos should give #2 Doritos a fight.

In the Cracker bracket, #1 Ritz takes on sleeper #8 Barnum’s Animal Crackers. The most intriguing battle of this bracket is #5 Triscuits vs. #4 Cheez-its. Which will prevail? These are truly two popular titans of the cracker world, and neither wants to go home early.  #3 Wheat Thins takes on #11 Honeymaid and #10 Premium Saltines do battle with #2 Goldfish.

What do you think So Good readers? What are your predictions for the 2nd round? Who will make it to the Final Four?

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