Consider the horse. He stands out all day at pasture, grazing away to his heart’s desire. He eats whenever he’s hungry and stops when he’s not, nibbling here and there to get a constant flow of silage. The horse is a grazer.

The dog, on the other hand, eats at specified times. When his owners decide to pour food in his bowl, his meal begins. After he has eaten it all the meal is over; he must wait until his bowl gets filled to eat again. He is a sit-down eater.

Humans, complex creatures that we are, fall into both categories. Some people, like the horse, are grazers. They roam around the kitchen, open a fridge door here, nibble on a handful of chips there, and generally sustain themselves by snacking. Others, like the dog, are restricted to specified mealtimes. They prepare their meal, sit down, eat it, and clean up afterwards.

How do you sustain yourself, So Good Readers? Do you snack around all day like a horse at pasture, or do you have your meals set out for you like the dog? Most people don’t confine themselves to one type of eating style exclusively. Are there times, like the weekends, when you’re more likely to graze and times, like at work, when you’re more apt to eat in a specified time frame? Choose your answer and share your brand of eating style in the comments.

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