That’s not just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you’re holding. It’s also a test of eating expertise – a perilous journey involving indulgence, self-control, and style. Your challenge? How to time your crust bites and center bites to maximize on good flavor.

People typically eat their PBJs (or any other item with crust, such as toast) one of two ways: straight through the middle or around the edges first. If you still cut the crusts off your sandwich, you can go hang out here, here, or here.

Eating your sandwich straight through is for those who want their PBJ flavor and want it NOW. Satisfying in its simplicity, this technique allows you to indulge in the best part of the sandwich when you’re hungriest and want it most. The drawback – leftover dry crust at the end.

If you were the type of kid who dug all the cereal bits out of their Lucky Charms and ended up with spoonfuls of pure marshmallow sugar at the end, you probably eat around the edges of your sandwich first. The meals are different but the concept is the same: save the best for last. This technique allows the flavor of your sandwich to take on a linear shape, illustrated below:

The drawback – more danger of spillage.

How will you embark on this quest, So Good readers? Will you dive in and eat straight through with reckless abandon, taking whatever bites you want, when you want them? Or will you eat your way carefully around the edges, braving the rough stuff first and saving the goopiest, most glorious bite for last?

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8 Responses

  1. chris

    It all depends on the type of sandwich I’m eating. If its with lettuce and tomatoes ill eat in a spiral towards the center. Pbj is straight through

  2. hannah

    It’s all about delayed gratification. Have you guys done a poll on whether you slice your sandwiches down the middle or diagonally yet?

  3. Kath

    I save the good stuff for the end! When McDonalds only put one pickle on their burgers, I would eat around it and save it for last.

  4. ruidh

    Not a choice, but like a typewriter — back and forth from one crust to the opposite passing through the gooey center on the way.


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