Every December or January, armchair Nostradamuses try to predict what is in and what is out. As you all know by now, the ever-present cupcake has permeated our culture to an absurd level. There are now cupcake stores on way too many corners, and prognosticators are signaling their demise (finally!) due to a saturated marketplace. Ever heard of Men Without Hats? These things do not end well.

Now, this development has been on the horizon for awhile, but what was unknown was what would fill the sweet tooth void from these over-designed, uber-expensive, très snooty confections. Apparently, the answer is pies. According to NPR and the business minds at CNBC, “trend-spotters are calling pie the food of the year.”

As careful readers know, I am not shy about my affinity for a jumbo slice, and I am still ashamed that cake won out over pie in the So Good Would You Rather? poll. Therefore, I am pretty excited about this development. Pie has so much more flexibility than cake – sweet vs. savory, fried pies, deep dish, mini-pies, etc. Pies are also far less pretentious that cupcakes. Just try to pull that act off while taking down a piece of sweet potato pie – no ma’am!

So that’s my opinion, but what do you think? Are cupcakes finally played out? Will pies be big this year? Are you on the bandwagon with me? Has it been long enough that I can start working the Safety Dance into my repertoire? Let me know…

Thanks to Johnny Cupcakes for the logo at top.

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4 Responses

  1. Marisa

    Does this mean I’ll hate pie in a couple of months?

    One of the shops in my town has a 1:1 ratio of cupcake to frosting, plus I think they use Crisco. Ick.

  2. Brian

    I don’t know. There’s a lot of potential waste with pie. What if the store only sells one slice of that pie? Mini-pies would be a solution, but the problem with the mini-pie is way too much crust and not enough filling.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would probably frequent a great pie store, I just don’t know if it could work out financially for the owner.


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