Bacon Vodka

As further evidence of bacon permeating society, I present Bakon Vodka c/o our friends at Jezebel.  So Good previously noted a recipe for making this cringe-inducing concoction at home (perhaps even in your bathtub), but this idea has now officially gone commercial.  And they even have a Twitter feed – how cute.

When, oh when, will the shark be jumped?  What’s your opinion, readers?

H/t to Life Files for the pic.

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5 Responses

  1. Bear Silber

    No , no, no….enough with the bacon infused….bacon wrapped….bacon injected….bacon topped….things that don’t need bacon having bacon…blah, blah, blah. Here’s to tofu!!!

  2. Francois

    I’ve actually tried this (a friend sent a bottle – it’s only available in something like two or three states) and I can’t think of ever using it in anything but bloody marys. It makes great bloody marys, but I don’t see this having a wide appeal, or market.

    And I say, continue to bacon-anything. Bring on the BACONOCALYPSE.


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