On January 31, in the original Whole Foods grocery store in Austin, Texas, a group of people assembled into what is now referred to as a flash mob.  Made famous by the mob that appeared in Grand Central Station, hundreds of people appear and then freeze at a specific moment.  The same thing happened in Whole Foods.  See for yourself:

Now I am all for freedom of expression, but if someone gets in my way of the olive bar when I am running late (or in general), watch out.  These elbows don’t look like much until they hit you in the breadbasket.  You can see from the video how tight some of the quarters are – this seems to be pretty an ill-conceived plan – and it is amazing that a fight didn’t break out.  Trouble happens when you get between people and their food.

What kind of statement does this make to you?  Is it actually art?

Also, if you want to start your own mob scene, Boing Boing has some tips here – just stay out of my grocery store!

H/t to Austinist for the scoop.

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  1. Whole Fooder

    I think this would make everyone’s afternoon more interesting.

    If it happened every week, it might get irritating, but no one should be angry about this one instance.

    I would just hope that no one froze while in line at the checkout or something.

  2. Cary

    Isn’t this…anti-mob scene? When picturing mobs, there are almost always people holding crude torches and pitchforks. Either that or wearing bandannas and fake Ray-Bans clutching rocks and/or Molotov cocktails.

    Standing still in a grocery store isn’t art. It happens to 80 year old women all over the country every day. Only they fart every once in a while and eventually obtain the can of asparagus that is 27 cents cheaper with the Smart Shopper coupon.

  3. shatraw

    c’mon cary. anything that people do that intentionally annoys other people is art. remember when slanch made national headlines by riding the 4 train in his boxers a couple years ago? well, this year, it was like 1400 people doing it.

    i guess what i’m saying is people should stop sucking.

  4. suicide_blond

    i like the whole flash mob concept…it is a “power to the people” kind of movement that i think is fun and thought provoking… ive participated a few times in NYC… all good fun… but then im one of those crazies that actually LIKES performance art…

  5. Biz

    That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen!

    I’ll have to send this link to my brother who lives in Austin.


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