Super Bowl 43

I know that money is tight for a lot of the companies out there these days.  For this reason, I expected a little more in the creativity department for those lucky enough to be able to afford Super Bowl air time.  Overall, the spots, especially the food ads, left me empty.  The few that I did find somewhat appealing were…

Miller High Life:  One Second Spot – Talk about making the most of an opportunity.  This one-second ad featured the lovable Miller High Life beer man shouting “High Life.”  Very creative and economical. 

Coke: Heist – Just a great looking ad.  I know it’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it just has a fun quality about it that made me take note.  Also, no reference to the recent death of ‘Classic’ Coke, unfortunately.

Pepsi: Pepsuber – Any pop culture reference to MacGuyver is a good thing in my book.  That said, this was good in concept, but pretty mediocre in execution.  And wow – does Richard Dean Anderson look old. 

Notable Mention for Being Terrible:

Sobe: Lizard Lake – from the ‘what were they thinking dept?” comes this weird-a-rama display of NFL players doing ballet, CGI lizards and other junk – and did I mention it was all in 3D?  Please…

Any additions/subtractions to the list?

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  1. Derek

    The Magruber bit is actually a recurring short skit on Saturday Night Live — one of the good ones too. Without that frame of reference I would think the use of that skit as a commercial would be just kind of weird.

  2. Cary

    1. The Coke commercial was nice to look at, but watching a bottle of soda spilling into nature only reminded of Coke’s illegal toxic dumping in India. So a no thanks for that.

    2. High Life- Meh.

    3. Macgruber – why did it have to suck so hard? I mean, great premise, love McGuyver, why so terrible? The guy playing MacGruber was god awful. Acting doesn’t mean “act excited always!!!” In that case, Robin Williams would just show up to the Oscars and take every statue home.

  3. shatraw

    macgruber, like almost every over recurring SNL bit, was funny the first time, ok the second time and unbearable each subsequent time. the singular exception to this rule is wayne’s world, i think.

    as for other foodie commercials, don’t forget about pepsi’s other massively insulting spot –“the more things change, the more they stay the same” BS.

    conan o`brien’s swedish bud ad was OK though.


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