The shrinking Girl Scout cookies!

As I have previously reported, the consumer seems to be getting less product for the same price – especially in this economy.  As I recently read on The Comsumerist, I am sorry to say that this truth can now be applied to the sacred institution of Girl Scout cookies.  Due to the rising costs of ingredients, you might notice a few changes when you order your cookies this year.  According to CBS11:

“But this year, Girl Scout leaders admit something is different about their cookies. The cookie boxes have shrunk and so have the number of cookies in the boxes … But the prices have not changed.”

Now, I am the last one to give the Girl Scouts a hard time, but seriously, what’s next??  First of all, how much did it cost to completely change the packaging of the cookies – smaller box, smaller trays?  That has to account for at least one half Thin Mint right there!

And frankly, I would rather pay a little more for the regular amount of cookies. The standard is the standard, and I will never understand why a company would rather shrink the product than increase the price (but when they do both – ERRRR!).

Am I way off? What was the best thing for the Girl Scouts to do here? 
To the comments section, Batman!!

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  1. Hilary

    It must be a tough year for Girl Scout Cookie HQ. I also read that the Kosher symbol was accidentally omitted from many of their boxes which caused its own uproar.

  2. Alex

    And the latest cookie (the Dulce de Leche, I believe) isn’t all that good either. Much like a corrugated piece of cardboard with some caramel drizzle on top.

  3. Joanne

    Guess the GS are just following suit with other companies – eg. Peanut butter. It appears the same, but the put a little “dent” in the bottom of the jar which reduces the amount of PB per jar. Trickery! Sheer trickery! I’m with lacochran – SAVE THE SAMOAS!

  4. Denise Smith

    I just found you from dcBlogs, and I am cracking up. I LOVE food and I LOVE to talk about it, bitch about it, savor it, dream about it…well you get the picture. GS cookies pissed me off long ago. The Samoas are ridiculous. Every year there is one less in the box. This year, if they are actually releasing the fact that they are reducing the contents means what? I get two-one per side? No way.

  5. Cary

    sad. what’s great is that this gives me the reason i needed NOT to purchase girl scout cookies.

    those peanut butter cookies are delicious (mouth waters, falls off desk lost in cookie dream world…)

  6. jackie

    this makes me so angry!! seriously — way to look stupid. just raise the damn price. i’m boycotting girl scout cookies.


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