If you’re like me, you have probably already done some holiday baking. You might also be planning your next culinary creation that will wow those lucky enough to sample one of your delicacies.  But what to make?  You’ve done all the traditional stuff before - what about something new?  I have the answer you have long been looking for:  A cookie shaped like a human fetus.  What says deliciousness more than a baked treat in the shape of an unborn child?  Mmmm…

Now you are probably saying – ‘this is a great idea – but what about the holidays?’  Well friends, all you need are a few red and green sprinkles, and you have one decked out little dude!  Or put a little Santa hat on this guy and watch “it” (sex still undetermined) fly off the tables at your next holiday bash!  The ideas are limitless! 

This product is available at … wait for it… Stupid.com (shocking).
H/T to Cake Wrecks for the scoop.

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4 Responses

  1. Cary

    Is that the umbilical cord? Maybe? Also, what’s with the bizarre reflections going on inside the cutter on the left? Is that supposed to represent the fetus’ soul?

    Also, what are the moral implications of “cutting” a fetus out of a doughy womb? Um…

    And finally, is that a giant chocolate chip eyeball? Alien babies are a lot yummier than humans…

  2. moon

    Ewww……just add a Redvine for the umbilical cord and you’re all set….. Who the heck is this product intended for? Baby showers? (Hi everybody, come on in and eat my fetus?) Pro lifers? (What the heck would they be saying by passing these around at a protest?) So, um, when you eat a chocolate Easter bunny, you start with the ears of course, what part to start with here, do you nibble on the toe or go right to it and bite the head right off? This just looks like incredibly bad taste to me….


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