Thanks to our friends at Comsumerist, one of the most dangerous food items in existence has been brought to light. Baskin-Robbins, previously know for their famous 31 flavors and widespread presence across this country, has created something that surely must be sponsored by the American College of Cardiology.  If you have not heard, it is the Heath Bar Shake. (Dum, dum, duummmmm – somewhere, a thunderbolt crashes). It is hard to get a grasp of exactly how bad this thing actually is until you see the nutritional info. Let’s go to the numbers…

Exhibit #1: the shake

2,310 Calories
108 g Fat (64 g Saturated/2.5g Trans)
266 g Sugar
Cholesterol 295mg

Now, these numbers may not make alot of sense without context, although pretty much everyone knows that the basic recomended daily diet consists of around 2,000 calories – and this is 300 more than that.  That said, I thought a fitting barometer might be the famous Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Exhibit #2: the burger

510 Calories
40g Fat (61 g Saturated/1.5g Trans)
9 g Sugar
Cholesterol 90mg

While the calories of the shake are clearly beyond the scope of human reasoning – in that they are 4.5 times more than a QPw/C – I also find the sugar and cholesterol levels facinating. First, how much sugar is 266g, you might ask.  How about over 1 cup, or almost 19 tablespoons!  Gross.
On the cholestol front, the shake has 3.25 times more than that fatty cheesy burger.  Wow.

Is this what we’ve resorted to as a culture?  Death by shake?  All I know is that you better stay away from here:

*Also thanks to Foodio54 for naming this the ‘Worst Drink in America”.

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