One thing I pride myself in is being unafraid to eat new and different things. Whether this means my first taste of kimchi several years back or my first sinful bite of foie gras – I live and learn. That said, I do have my own limitations, and I have found another. The headline pretty much speaks for itself:

Swiss restaurant to serve meals cooked with human breast milk

Yikes. Actually, double yikes. This is so offensive to me on so many levels, that I need to take a breath. (…Exhale)

The restaurant owner’s rationale behind this decision:

We have all been raised on it. Why should we not include it into our diet?

Apparently it took a little longer for this fellow to be weaned off the teat, so to speak, because most people that were breastfed only did so in the first two years of life. Being raised on human milk is another issue entirely – and quite a disturbing one.

All I now know is that is gives new meaning to the following…

Story c/o Drudge Report via Telegraph

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  1. William Murray

    I remember catching a British version of Candid Camera when I was in London and they had an episode where a waitress would open her shirt and squirt breast milk when patrons asked for milk in their coffee. The reactions were priceless. It’s something like this video (which is totally NSFW).


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