Last week, I had the opportunity to be the guest of CNN at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Politics aside, one of my favorite parts was getting to hang out in the CNN Grill – which essential was another restaurant/bar rebranded as the “CNN Grill.”

While there were major/minor celebrities hanging about, my obvious concern was the chow. As there was no money exchanged in this establishment, I was not shy about ordering more than one entree – yes, I have a man-sized appetite. The highlights? I really dug the mac and cheese, with a crunchy top but oh-so-cheesy inside. That dish was also served with a pig in a blanket – think fancy sausage wrapped in aflaky dough cocoon – Yummm. Check out the dinner menu:

(c/o vermontgmg @ Flickr)

And crazy as it might seem, they also had their own CNN brew:

(c/o TV Newser)

Ahhh… Denver, I will miss you… and your quality cable news food.

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