One of Burger King’s newest creations, BK Burger Shots, are being heavily advertised recently.


So? Who cares right? Well interesting discovery: according to Urban Dictionary, the term “Burger Shot” has two meanings:


You’re probably thinking to yourself  “c’mon, no way that Burger King would knowingly name their product after a slang term like that!” and you’re probably right. In fact, I’d bet my salary this year that you are right.  There are lots of everyday terms that have entirely different, and inappropriate, meanings when used as slang.  Surely Burger King doesn’t want people to think of a photo of a vagina when ordering a food item nor do they want people to associate their food with someone getting punched in the vagina.  However, Grub Street, while not suggesting that Burger King was  aware of this, thinks Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, Burger King’s ad firm, is:

Apparently the dudes at Crispin Porter + Bogusky know exactly what’s up, because they’ve unleashed an ad that’s even pervier than the Herbal Essences “totally organic experience” campaign.

You’ve probably all seen the ad by now. A guy opens a pack of Burger Shots and suddenly women are flocking over to him, cooing and cawing about how cute the burgers are.  I’d link to the ad, but it seems to have vanished from YouTube as of yesterday afternoon or this morning.

So do the folks at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky know “what’s up” with the term burger shot? Is that why they made the type of ad that they did? Again, I’m gonna say probably not. I mean, they may very well be familiar with the term, but CPB always has edgy ads, and I think it’s unlikely their (supposed) knowledge of this term may have affected what type of ad they created.  Still, it’s amusing that Grub Street is suggesting this, and it IS pretty hilarious that Burger King named their product “Burger Shots” without being aware of the slang use of the term (note to product developers – always check Urban Dictionary before you name a new product).

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that this is NOT a new product development for Burger King. They released the same thing in 1987 under the name “Burger Bundles.”  See the ad below for proof:


You can read a review of the BK Burger Shots at A Hamburger Today. Also, Cats and Beer has an interview with the guy from the ad.

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  1. Cary

    So, Burgershots are essentially the burger equivalent of Axe Body Spray? I’m sick of these “woman-attracting” products.

    Tomorrow, I will spray myself with the essence of burger meat. I’m sure the ladies will be all over me. And by “ladies” I mean dogs and bears, and by “all over me” I mean they will be rending flesh from my bones.

  2. Mary

    How can be it a shot if it doesn’t come in a glass the size of a votive candle? Dessert shots yes, burger shots no.

  3. Vicky

    Thanks, I will now enjoy these commercials if not merely for the fact that I’ll thinking about the urban definition. Funny and wrong, to associate food with that kind of imagery.

  4. Hillary

    I’m so naive that when I first read the title of your post insinuating an inappropriate name, I thought it might have been because of the slight alcohol reference with “shot”. Oh my…

  5. Bob

    Every combination of words you can think of is in urban dictionary with some kind of disgusting definition. Including the names of other fast food products.

  6. Why use Urban Dictionary, aka that one fucking website where a bunch of kids make everything something sexual

    I was thinking of GTA whenever the name Burger Shot is mentioned. And if you think that a certain set of words has to mean something sexual, then you’re a sick fuck.

  7. Cary

    NICE. you tell him, longest name ever. and of course, let’s not forget that sexual thoughts are SICK. SICK you disgusting people! Stop thinking about sex!

    Hey, I’m talking to you! Enough! Impulses Shmimpulses! Hey! NO! NO SEX!


    Also, it’s not that a certain set of words “has” to mean something sexual, it whether or not it “can” mean something sexual. big difference.

  8. Xib

    Hey guys, here’s a link to the “burger shots” commercial on YouTube. And yes, there’s boobage galore.

  9. mike strutter

    the burger shot is 1 of my favourites
    if my woman wants to persuade me, she just has to show me one!


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