I know the thought of the New Year’s eve doesn’t necessarily trigger an image of pancakes. Champagne, fireworks, and cocktail dresses, are more like it.

Why Pancakes

Well, since this year I am the host of our party, and I am not really the best cook, nor do I plan on paying through the nose for expensive caterings, I figured why not!

Pancakes are liked by everyone. I can’t really think of anyone who doesn’t love them, so this was the natural train of thought.

The recipes vary from sweet and fluffy, to savory. Also, they can come in many forms, mini, puff, giant, even donut pancakes.

They are easy to make. Even the most complicated pancake recipe will take up to an hour, so I was adamant at keeping true to this idea.

However, I decided to give the recipes I chose a trial run, just not to ridicule myself on the very night.

I found these recipes in this great collection with easy pancake recipes.

Pancake Recipes Worthy of Your New Year’s Eve



For this part, I decided to go with vegetable based pancakes. Zucchini, potato, and grilled scallion hotcakes. The good thing about those with zucchini is that they pair perfectly well with sour cream. The potato hotcakes, or the boxty, are actually Irish style hotcakes that can easily be combined with rich sauces that are more than appropriate for a New Year’s party. I was a tiny bit skeptical as to whether to prepare the grilled scallion ones, because of the scallions and all. But since I had my friend over while testing the recipes out, she said that if I didn’t make these she would not even bother showing up.



The cutest recipe that totally won me over, was the one for the silver dollar pancakes. These mini hotcakes are the epitome of cuteness, not to mention as tasty as ever, so they are sure going to have a special place on the table. The Red Velvet and Oreo Cookie Pancakes are also going to be part of the party, because not only are they vibrant in color but they are also very tasty.


Since a number of my friends are vegan, I have to offer them at least three varieties they can choose from. And for this purpose, I decided to go for the Vegan Snickers Pancakes and Vegan Blueberry Muffin Hotcakes and adapt the zucchini recipe to their non-dairy needs.

If you still haven’t decided on what to prepare this New Year’s eve, maybe you will find this idea helpful. And remember, if you are the host, no matter how hot you look in that cocktail dress, the star of the night will always be your food. So, go ahead and make a trial run of whatever it is you chose to surprise your guests with. J

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