I have never met someone who loves pizza as much as my boyfriend. When I met him, he ate pizza four times a week and I found several old pizza boxes under his couch. Needless to say he had an addiction. That’s why I was so surprised when he said he wasn’t signed up for Hut Lovers: Pizza Hut’s email list for coupons and deals. For someone who spent hundreds of dollars per month on one of America’s favorite junk foods, why he wasn’t trying to get more for his buck was beyond me.

Pizza Hut's New Triple Stuffed Crust Pizza (www.huffingtonpost.com)

Pizza Hut’s New Triple Stuffed Crust Pizza coupon

As someone who also enjoys Pizza Hut, especially their old school stuffed crust and new school triple stuffed crust, I immediately signed both of us up for Hut Lovers. The Hut Lovers email typically includes coupons, deals, and alerts for new Pizza Hut pizzas. Since joining under a month ago, I’ve already received eleven emails including free cheese sticks, 50% off my total purchase, and an alert about the new hand-tossed pizza. Hut Lovers definitely wants to encourage you to order more Pizza Hut but the deals always have worthwhile savings.

Pizza Hut Ad (www.whgonline.com)

Pizza Hut Ad with deal

Right now, they’re offering a large 3-topping pizza for $7.99, an amazing deal. Hut Lovers will also send you an introductory deal just for signing up. Several of the Hut Lovers emails I received don’t even have expiration dates so you can feel free to use the deal whenever you want. If you’re a pizza connoisseur or just order out on your cheat day, joining Hut Lovers will save you money on anything from pizza to cheese sticks to wings.

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box deals

Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box (www.huffingtonpost.com)

There are other websites, such as Retail Me Not, that offer coupons for a variety of websites including Pizza Hut. When my Hut Lovers email offers expire or I’m looking for a different type of deal than they offered, I check Retail Me Not for coupons and offers. They usually have at least one thing available.

Retail Me Not (www.siliconhillsnews.com)

Retail Me Not coupon pizza

Pizza is the food of tired nights, parties, sleepovers, college students, and families. Why not save on this favorite delight when you can? If you order out a lot, especially pizza, you should definitely consider joining Hut Lovers to cut down on your expenses. Even visiting other coupon websites like Retail Me Not can usually save you money. Becoming a member of Hut Lovers is the best way to access deals, coupons, new foods, and savings from your local Pizza Hut.

Hut Lovers Current Deal pizza

Hut Lovers’ Current Deal (www.grubgrade.com)

Check out these links for coupons and deals:

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  1. Nathan

    I’m not sure about the US, but in the UK you can usually get a 40% or 50% discount on any Pizza Hut order. The past few times I’ve had a Pizza Hut we’ve managed to get a 50% discount! You have to spend at least £30, but with a 50% discount that’s only £15.

    Bargains make it taste so much better too!


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