Ever wonder why it’s impossible to find caster sugar at the grocery store? Thinking about buying it on Amazon or at a specialty bakery store because you can’t seem to find it anywhere else? Guess what. The ingredients are already hiding in your cabinet.

Caster Sugar

Caster Sugar

Items you need to make your homemade caster sugar:

  • Granulated sugar
  • Food processor
  • About 2-3 minutes of your time
Granulated Sugar ingredient

Granulated Sugar

Caster sugar, a.k.a baker’s sugar (which is what you’ll probably find it called at the grocery store) is typically used in light baked goods such as puddings, jellies, meringues, and cakes. Since caster sugar has smaller crystals than granulated sugar, they are able to dissolve quicker creating a desirable fluffiness and lightness. Additionally, they’re just fine enough to create a golden-brown shell on the outside but not so fine that the sugar burns easily. You can also replace caster sugar with regular granulated sugar or in some instances, powdered sugar, but the results won’t be ideal.

Caster sugar has less texture than that of granulated sugar but isn’t as fine as powdered sugar; the perfect middle ground. If you have a food processor, you can make caster sugar from regular old granulated sugar. It’s the same concept as making your own butter. You have whole milk in a jar that you add salt to. Shake until your arms are mostly tired and you have buttermilk. Shake until your arms are ready to fall off and you’ve got butter. Caster sugar though, is as easy as measure, dump in food processor, add to recipe.

Sugar food processor

Caster sugar in a food processor

When I’m baking and need to make caster sugar, I like to use the pulse setting on my food processor. It allows me short bursts of entertainment while controlling the granularity of the sugar. Pulsing also keeps me from falling over the cliff into powdered sugar. If you have fallen into powdered sugar land, do not add it to your recipe. Powdered sugar will be too light and quick to burn. Start over with a new batch of granulated sugar and save the powdered sugar for sprinkling on top for decoration.

DIY Caster Sugar

Caster Sugar

If you forgot to buy this superfine sugar, a.k.a baker’s sugar, at your local supermarket, don’t bother driving back. Just whip out your food processor, grab the granulated sugar, and start pulsing.

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