There are few food items in this world that are truly more magical than pizza. Iconic as it is classic, there’s just something about this incredible dish that makes people happy. From the gooey mozzarella, crisp crust, rich and flavorful sauce, and with so many different topping to choose from pizza really does offer something for everyone. You might be thinking to yourself, “sure, pizza is pretty good. But does it really fix anything?” The answer, yes! Here’s just a few reasons as to why pizza does indeed fix everything.


This might seem like a no brainer, but it really is true. You’re not you when you’re hungry. People can become grouchy or downright mean when they’re running on an empty stomach. Next time the hunger pains bite, grab a slice! You’ll feel better in no time.

Lack of Friends

No, really. Pizza is almost a quintessential greeting call of the college student. If you find you’re social strata lacking in variation, trying tempting you’re new would be friends with free pizza. They’ll be scratching at your door in no time.

Moving Day

This is a big one for a lot of people. No one likes moving day, throw in some narrow staircases and a few book shelves worth of hardcover books and you’ll very quickly find out who for friends are when they show up for moving day. If you’re having troubles rallying a crew for the big move, the promise of pizza at the end of a long day might just be enough to tip the scales in your favor.

The Never Ending Problem of Dishes

It seems like no matter what you eat, you’re always left with an egregious amount of dishes to do at the end. Especially if you have people over. Once again, pizza comes to the rescue. It’s like serving sauce, cheese and veggies on it’s own edible plate! If you go with frozen pizza it already comes on fitted cardboard, it’s basically a plates doppelgänger.

Broken Hearts

Let’s face it, sometimes a relationship just doesn’t work out. Whatever the reason may be, you’re left with a broken heart. During this time, you might not be inclined to cook but broken heart or not, you still have to eat. Pizza, for many, is a comfort food. It helps to make you feel better, no matter what’s going on in your life. Next time you’re faced with the cataclysmic end with your main squeeze, throw a pizza in the oven and call your best friend. You’ll be glad you did.

 Two Meals in One

Another incredible aspect of pizza is that it’s not only good when it’s fresh out of the oven, but it’s even great cold! For many, this means that not only do you have a fantastic meal for dinner, but it’s a quick and easy breakfast for those with a busy schedule. Just grab a slice and go!

Building Blocks of a Balanced Diet

While this may seem like a stretch, pizza, when eaten responsibly, can be part of a well balanced diet. Think about it, a full serving of veggies, dairy, meat, and grains all together in one glorious dish. Proving that pizza is not only tasty but can go to helping you live longer as well.

Pizza Offers Something for Everyone

With a wide array of toppings and flavors to choose from, it’s really hard to find someone who genuinely does not like pizza. While this might not apply to those with food allergies, for the general populace, there is always a compromise that can be reached when ordering pizza. The best part is, you can split the toppings and do a half and half, that way every one wins.

In the end, this just goes to show that pizza really is one of the most perfect foods. Good whenever, wherever and for whatever might be going on in your life. The next time you cook a pizza and you pull up that first delicious slice, just take a moment to contemplate just how beautiful and magical pizza truly is. From the first bite to the very last crunch of the crust.

Thanks Palermo’s team for the great ideas.

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