Only a week after devastating flooding hit the province of Alberta and a scant few days before the legendary Stampede was about to commence (July 4th), Tubby Dog proved a much needed oasis from the escalated, hectic pace in downtown Calgary.  Not by chance mind you, no, this establishment has been on my radar for years, especially after hearing about some of the wild wieners they were throwing down on buns since 2005.

Unassuming from the curb, within lies a funky restaurant brimming with quirkiness, saturated with the smell of expertly steamed dogs being sacrificed to the hungry masses.


Greeted by their grinning mascot, happily serving up one of his own, Tubby’s is known to faithful locals as the place to go when a dog nosh craving hits.  Offering their staple Classic Dog ($6.50) a mix of beef and chicken, Turkey Dog ($7.50), Junior Dog ($5.50), Not Dog AKA Veggie ($6.00) and The Ukey, a 1/2 lb baked Ukranian sausage($8.50). All served up on steamed buns.


Besides the Tubby Classic noted on the board, including such WTFery as the “PBJ” ($7.00 -Peanut Butter and Jelly on the dog) and “Sherm’s Ultimate Gripper” ($11.50 – your dog is wrapped in bacon,  deep fried, then topped with ham, chili. sunny side up egg and more), you can also try their “Choose Your Own Adventure” dog, where you get to determine just how depraved your wiener ends up.


Tubby’s is a cash only joint, which is fine by me, as it allowed me some spare change to blow on one of the two Ms. Pac-man machines down back. (Not coincidentally, they host an annual Ms. Pac-man tournament). From order to service, the food came fast and furious but with enough time to soak in the very retro surroundings including neato displays featuring vintage junk food packaging.


First up: “The Cheetah”: Sauerkraut, cheese, mustard and relish. I would have called it “Mount Sauerkraut”, as there is no shortage of tangy cabbage adorning this hefty dog and soft, steamed bun. The mustard, perfectly accentuating the combo of melted cheese, savory meat and the relish. In hindsight, the toppings would be far better suited for the Ukranian sausage Tubby’s offers. 8/10


 “The A-Bomb”: Consists of cheese, bacon, mayo, mustard. ketchup with a huge pile of crushed up potato chips on top. A mishmash of assorted flavors, texturally speaking, a perfect foil to the plump dog and soft roll.  Certainly not  for those watching their sodium intake, but come on, you’re sitting in a place named after a fat frank. 8/10


Finally, the “PBJ” was the pinnacle of ridiculousness, yet at the same time, the best damn dog I ate that day. Slathered with creamy peanut butter and sweet grape jelly, topped with Captain Crunch cereal, this dog worked. Bacon probably would have made it even better, hiking up the savory – sweet dance on your taste buds. Messier than a preschooler elbow deep in a Bulk Store cherry pie filling vat, the “PBJ” horrified many onlookers but left this So Gooder blissfully happy with his choice. 9.5/10


If you’re a So Good reader lucky enough to be in Calgary this week for the Stampede, as many U.S. folk do tend to partake, I highly recommend a trip down to Tubby Dog for an epic tube steak with all the unusual toppings they have to offer. Bring Cash and your sense of adventure. You won’t leave disappointed.

Tubby Dog

1022 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A5
(403) 244-0694

Sunday – Thursday:
11:30 am till late

Friday & Saturday:
11:30 am till 1 am,
Restaurant Service

Friday & Saturday:
1 am till 4 am,
Window Service

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