The common myth goats will consume just about anything (tin cans, garbage)  shouldn’t really work in favor of  an Ad Firm deciding to feature a  cranky, four legged garbage disposal in their client’s marketing campaign for a food or beverage.  However, there’s been a developing trend of late when it comes to utilizing these unholy terrors of the petting zoo world in junk / fast food advertising.

According to Ad Age,  the goat, while admittedly  head butty and ornery, is the new monkey. Maybe the Ikea monkey finally propelled simian bankability over the shark.

Dried up apple slice

“As domesticated animals, chances are that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is less likely to have a fit when they show up in ad spots. (OK, so maybe they’ll have a fit, but the screams will be a little less loud and it will be harder for them to line up celebrities to get on the save-the-goat bandwagon.)” – Ken Wheaton – Ad Age 2011

So while goats are certainly top contenders for a National Geographic special on ‘Dicks of the Animal World”, their ability to amusingly schill, while generating social media buzz is proving itself spot after spot. A nice change of page from all that horrible Pagan Mascot flack they’ve gotten over the centuries.

Mountain Dew has jumped on the horn and hoof band wagon with this recent ad.

Doritos claimed viral victory after this spot ran during the Super Bowl.

Unlike Chick-fil-A, Arby’s endorses all types of unions.

Earlier use of goats overseas produced lost in translation results.

McDonald’s use the the persistent goat profiling as garbage eaters to their advantage.

Finally, if there was ever a question just how hot goats are, besides asking a lonely shepherd, this recent viral madness confirms it.


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