Grumpy Cat

As many of you know, the annual interactive, film and music convention, known as SXSW is currently going on in Austin, Texas. Just how big is this festival?

Big enough that internet sensation Grumpy Cat was in attendance. Yes, the actual cat.

Incredibly, people stood in a very long line to get a glimpse of this near-mythical creature. Now, you might be thinking, it was probably pretty hard/stressful work for the cat to endure such in-the-spotlight treatment. That is where you would be wrong.

The Soup obtained a leaked copy of Grumpy Cat’s 50-page rider. A number of the items are food-related. For example, here are the consumables needed for the dressing room:

Selection of fresh fish, raw and smoked (NO TILAPIA) [Tilapia? For mere mortals]
1 jar of beluga caviar, open with gloved hand [the glove is a nice touch] 
3 charcuterie platters of foie gras and organic horseradish
[for refined palates only]

The other details:

Grumpy Cat Rider

True? False? I hope it’s the former because it’s funny and not inconceivable. We do have confirmation that the cat travels by limo, so we are a long way past reality here.

Thanks to the official site for the top photo and to The Soup for the story.

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