Well, So Good readers, fish season is upon us once again. It’s that time of year when people stop eating meat in honor of Jesus. Despite attending Catholic school for some 13 years, I know not the significance of abstaining from delicious meat. Whatever the case may be, most fast food restaurants have some kind of fish sandwich out at this time of year. I am not well-versed in fast food fish because my fish consumption is limited to the occasional cod or halibut fish & chips at a sit-down restaurant. Fast food fish just doesn’t sound appetizing in general, like gas station sushi.

Anyway, one of this year’s more interesting new fish offerings is Fish McBites from McDonald’s. Unfortunately, those suck and I’m more of a fan of Wendy’s nutrition menu and the taste of their new fish filet. McDonald’s fish tastes like frozen supermarket fish sticks. No thanks. Another intriguing one is the Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Sandwich at Carl’s Jr, which features a piece of fish that is not breaded and fried. It looks dope but I have yet to try it.

Today, however, we are not here to talk about those. We are instead gathered here to discuss the return of the Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich. Why? Because they offered to send me a gift card to eat it, so I said hell to the yes ’cause I like free stuff. Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich features a “100% North Pacific Cod hand-cut fillet, lightly breaded in a crispy panko crumb coating topped off with fresh crisp lettuce and creamy tartar sauce.” It goes for $3.39 near me.

I grabbed one earlier this week and brought it home for a taste test.


I must admit, I hate tartar sauce, which may be controversial. But I don’t care, that shit is nasty so I ordered the sandwich without it.


Obviously, the most important part of a fish sandwich is fish, so let’s start there. This cod fillet was quite delicious. The breading was very light and somewhat crispy. On the inside, the cod was nice and buttery, somewhat flaky, and very soft. It was on par with a piece of cod you might get a legitimate seafood restaurant. Very impressive, Wendy’s.

As for the accoutrements, there was a large amount of Iceberg lettuce, which was fine. It added some moisture and a definite crunch to the sandwich. All that’s left then is the bun, which was good. Soft, buttery, and a hint of sweetness as well.


It definitely could have used some kind of sauce for flavor, but that’s only because I ordered it sans tartar. If you’re like me and don’t care for tartar sauce, I would definitely recommend replacing it with something. Ketchup? Ranch? Tartar is really the only accepted accompaniment so I’m not sure what else would work. Even without sauce, this sandwich is a solid 7/10. If I found another sauce that worked well with the fish I might bump it up to about an 8.5.

Overall, Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich is great for fast food fish and I absolutely recommend giving it a shot.

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  1. Mark

    You could go with some kind of vinegar or vinegar based sauce. Unless of course the vinegar is what you don’t like about tartar sauce.

  2. TJ

    Sometimes I add a little bit of ketchup to sandwiches like this… it’s not great but it works fairly well.

  3. GW

    You say 100% North Pacific Cod as if that is a good thing! What if and probably that is an Asian North Pacific country? And what if that country is China with its nasty, contaminated fish products? You people need to look for the country of origin a lot closer and ask for that information if the information is vague or non-existant!!! Believe me, if you have been to most of the Asian countries you do not especially want to eat any of their products!

  4. Paula

    My cod sanwich looked like someone sat on it.Thin and not very big. Nothing like the ad on tv.


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