Torrey Smith Cake

In just a few days, most of us will be celebrating the biggest secular holiday of the calendar year. Sunday is the  Super Bowl, featuring the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Torrey Smith, the young speedster wide receiver for Baltimore, celebrated a bit early due to his recent 24th birthday. As you can see from the above cake – he went all pro.

It is really amazing what pastry chefs can do with fondant these days (even though I would always choose butter cream). Beautiful execution with tremendous detail (note Super Bowl logo on jersey).

That said, Smith and his guests ate his shoulders and head in cake form. This seems more than a little strange to me.

Maybe I’m a little old fashioned, but a cake should never resemble any part of the body. Just a good rule of thumb. Unless of course, you like hanging out in the Andes, or, mind taking home leftovers that look like this:

Baby Cake

H/t to USA Today for the tip, Smith’s Instragram page for the top photo, and Cake Wrecks to close it out.

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