My first memory of a McDonald’s pie was during a third grade field trip. No, we weren’t lucky enough to score a full fledged Mickey D’s store tour. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t share information about their coveted mcdonalds secret menu. It was when stopped for lunch, after a traumatizing visit to a petting zoo which housed an overly affectionate goat named Randy.

Back in the good old days, before the Nutrition Puritans put the kibosh on deep frying everything, Chef Ronald’s pies weren’t baked. No, they were plunged into glorious vats of boiling oil, ensuring a crispy outer shell but also a searing, tongue destroying lava that dwelt within.

Needless to say, after one bite into a scalding cherry pie, that amorous goat was instantly forgotten.


The New Year ushered in a new pie via McDonald’s coupons, unceremoniously shoved in my mail box. As of January 1st, Canadians were to get the very first taste of the new Chocolate Raspberry baked pie.

Unlike the past pies I have reviewed, the Choco-Razz is currently flying under the fast food radar. Not only was there nothing on Google noting its debut, my tweet to McDonald’s Canada and a message left with their marketing department yielded nada in the form of nutritional content info, glossy ad slicks or even a no comment. My local Golden Arches only had a small sticker slapped on the front of the pie warmer noting its availability. Thankfully the Manager on duty took pity on this food blogger and let me behind the counter for a quick, poorly lit pic.


Yes, and that’s after editing the shit out of it on Instagram. Bad roll out publicity and marketing aside, this pie needs to be sought out and enjoyed.  Though baked with a slight hint of cocoa in the crusty exterior, the ones I partook in yielded crispy edges which themselves possessed an even more concentrated chocolate taste. This pie isn’t going to win any beauty pageants, but would certainly be awarded Ms. Congeniality.


As with most of the McD baked pies, the innards tend to meld with the dough while being heated, resulting in a pudding like consistency.  That’s not a bad thing either, especially when it comes to these beauties.


The pairing of the tart raspberry jam like filling and the sweetness of the crust works wonders. Not beating your sweet tooth into submission like previous entries. McDonald’s sales of milk should see a significant increase if this pie gets a full North American roll out.

This pie was such a triumph, I wonder if McDonald’s will ever give us a Black Forest pie down the road? As much as cherries and chocolate would seem to be the ultimate combination for the perfect pie, I think it will be extremely hard to top this one. I just hope the McDonald’s marketing machine gives the Chocolate Raspberry pie the love it deserves.

Maybe they’re still recovering from December’s McRib hangover.

8.5/10 (2 pies for $1.39)


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