Beware, any man who reads further will be adjusting uncomfortably in his seat for the duration.

A Colorado man has sued the roast beef wranglers at Arby’s over a 2010 incident in which he claims his genitals (that’s junk to your high society crowd) were burnt when the urinal he was using at the restaurant “caused a jet of hot steam to shoot forth.”

To add insult to delicate injury, after the seriously steamed man & his wife both complained about the incident, an Arby’s employee, who obviously had never watched an episode of Judge Judy or People’s Court was quoted as saying that it “happens when the sink in the kitchen is running.”

The lawsuit, doesn’t delve into the meat & potatoes (or frank & beans in this case) of the mans injuries. He’s seeking unspecified damages and alleges negligence, premises liability and lost “quality time” with his wife.

So in this case, no good mood food to be found for this customer but it sounds like he has Arby’s by the short & curly fries.

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