It’s that time again – Easter! For Christians, it’s the day Jesus rose from the dead. For everybody else, it’s the only day of the year gorging yourself on candy from the moment you wake up is socially acceptable.

In light of the holiday, this Thursday’s Eating Styles poll is: what is your favorite Easter candy? Though every holiday yields up a variety of seasonal candies to enjoy, no sugary spread is quite so polarizing as that of Easter. Some people love peeps, some people hate them. Some think Cadbury Creme Eggs are the best thing that ever happened to chocolate, some can’t stand their slimy insides. Some relish the sandy sweetness of jelly beans and seek out all the black ones first, some avoid the black ones or discard jelly beans altogether.

Before you protest the absence of milk chocolate bunnies and Reese’s Easter Eggs (even though they were included in the picture), understand that only controversial Easter candy is included in this poll – not the stuff that everybody loves. Knowing that, which shady candy would you defend, So Good readers? Vote for your favorite misunderstood sweet below and defend your choice in the comments.

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3 Responses

  1. thomas

    I like them all but Cadbury Creme Eggs are indeed the best thing to ever happen to chocolate

  2. Smile

    Thomas speaks the truth. =P
    I look forward to Easter every year so I can enjoy some Cadbury Creme Eggs. The Orange Creme ones are my favorite!

    Otherwise, I can’t stand Peeps or Black jelly beans.

  3. Peter

    I hate all of these. But especially black jelly beans. I would rather eat that plastic grass from an Easter basket than a black jelly bean.


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