Valentine’s Day may be over, but chances are you’ll be wading through a leftover pile of white, pink and red offal for the next month or so. Cheesy cards, mounds of designer chocolates, heart-shaped pizzas and garish pink teddy bears are just part of the mound of refuse retail stores pump out every year, essentially turning the institution of love into a profit-driven, corporate machine.

You might feel the same way, but if you can push your discontent aside for a while, we’d like to ask you one honest question.

Do you like these?

Some people find Sweethearts addicting, while some people can’t stand them. Some enjoy them more for the phrases than for the taste. Do you like these treats, which Jim Gaffigan has deemed “tiny chalk heart-shaped antacids”? Vote below, and explain your answer in the comments.

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10 Responses

  1. Smokin'

    I love the happy sayings – they are so cheesy and retro. Dropped a white one in my cup of coffee this morning and it added a hint of mint at the end.

  2. Meredith

    I used to love these – then Necco changed the flavors! They were trying to be more “natural” and use less artificial flavoring. There was a big hubbub among us conversation hearts lovers but it was too late. So now I don’t eat them anymore. Sad.

  3. Pam

    Since Necco changed the flavors, I don’t like them now – however the Brach’s brand is still okay.

  4. Sawa

    Awwwwww..too bad I can’t dig my hand in the picture to eat them.. T.T*They are my only weakness*


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