It’s finally here! The holiday we’ve all been waiting for. I know it’s been difficult making your way through Christmas and New Year’s Eve with this little gem on the horizon, but now you can celebrate because it’s finally National Popcorn Day!!!

Now, I know everyone celebrates this revered day a little differently. Personally, my family burns an effigy of Jar Jar Binks on our lawn, throwing un-popped kernels into the fire and seeing whose pops first. The winner gets possession of the family salt lick for a year. After that, we use those special microwave bowls to make a giant mound of air-popped popcorn for each of us, salting it with special buffalo wing-flavored salt but no butter (I know the “no butter” part doesn’t make much sense, but then again, neither do most holiday traditions).

I’d ask you guys how you celebrate National Popcorn Day, but I know the answers would just be too varied for a poll. So instead…what’s your favorite way to eat popcorn? Do you have a favorite brand? Or do you revel in the hands-on nature of stove top popping? Maybe you prefer the guilt-free aspect of air popped popcorn. Vote on your favorite popcorn below, and explain in the comments!

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13 Responses

  1. Travis Graham

    3 favorite brands:

    Pop-Secret Homestyle Popcorn
    Wise Butter Popcorn
    Herr’s Butter Popcorn

  2. Mark

    Lots of real butter and salt on old fashioned stove top popcorn is a thing of beauty. I can’t stand the fake butter like grease so I usually by the natural microwave stuff and add my own butter in a pinch.

  3. Not-so-famous Dave

    I use the microwave air pop bowl, but I add a generous amount of peanut oil…so is it really airpopped? If I dont use the oil, the salt doesn’t stick to the kernels and if thats the case I’d rather just eat a tube of Ritz crackers.

  4. Smokin'

    Love the microwave popcorn bowl too, but my favorite is the kind you get at the movies. Lots of butter and salt.

  5. Carebear

    Popcorn is actually one of my favorite foods. My preferred way to eat it is stove popped with a little salt and some type of buttery topping.

  6. Cowknee

    My choice isn’t on there. I would vote for using an oil based pop crazy popper…u can buy one at target they r amazing


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