Apparently when the moon hit the sky, like a big pizza pie, there was no amore but a free racial slur for a Papa John’s customer in New York City on  Friday, January 6th.

Minhee Cho posted an image of a Papa John’s receipt on her Twitter, which called her “lady chinky eyes.” After receiving her order.

“Hey @ PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes,'” Cho tweeted.

Cho, a communications manager at investigative journalism group ProPublica, posted the above  photo of said receipt on her Twitter account Saturday morning.

These Un-PC pizza joint shenanigans have of course gone very viral since then, much to the dismay of Papa J Corporate.

An attempt at damage control in the Twitterverse was swift and in many cases Papa John’s answered on a tweet by tweet basis but inevitably the ‘Za giant mass assured everyone with the following: “We are very upset by recent receipt issue in New York & sincerely apologize to our customer. Franchise employee involved is being terminated.”


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