I came across an article about the New Wendy’s Fois Gras burger and it got me thinking. If you have not seen the wide variety of regional or global specialties at McDonalds, it’s worth a look. (The Kiwi Burger sounds strangely good)

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Internationally, particularly in China, KFC is the dominant brand with items like a Dragon Twister and spicy tofu chicken rice, in addition to the usual fried chicken.  Burger King and Pizza Hut also have some international treats like the Golden Fortune Pizza in Malaysia.

This all got me to thinking, where are the international chains bringing their wares to the US? We have an ever expanding group of high end fast causal dining, from burgers to tacos to sausages and hot dogs, but there does not seem to be a major international player making in roads into the US. Certainly it is not because our plates are so refined that we simply don’t want more fast food. As late as 2009 the Top 400 restaurant chains in the US  are all US based.

More recently Tim Horton’s has made some significant inroads into the Northern US but it only boasts 600+ locations. That would fit it nicely in between Steak and Shake happy hour and Olive Garden in the US.

Where is my Slug and Lettuce or my Bacolod Chicken Inasal darn it!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I can get just about any type of food I want, even in the small city I live in, but I find it odd that our fast food may be considered a delicacy in other markets and we don’t have the same chance to make ourselves look foolish by oohing and aahing another countries exports.

Seriously Wendys, Wheres the Fois Gras?


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