I always had a love/hate relationship with Burger King’s fries. Sometimes (usually late at night) I would marvel at their crispy, greasy, salty addictiveness. Other times I would be repulsed by those same qualities. Just the thought of them would make my stomach turn. And other times I thought they were OK. I thought the old fries tasted fake, like they weren’t really made of potato. They had that starchy coating, and just didn’t taste potato-y. They did have a great crunch, I’ll give them that. But overall they were pretty average.

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So when I saw a commercial for new BK fries, I was intrigued. I didn’t hate the old ones, but there were a lot of people who did. I was curious to see what was different about these new potato sticks. They definitely had room to improve.

Upon first glance, you’ll notice the new fries are thicker. They look a lot like the old Wendy’s fries. I wouldn’t say it’s an improvement; I care more about the taste than the dimensions. But in theory they could actually have some potato inside them, whereas the old fries were empty in that department. As far as that crispy exterior, it’s still there, sort of. These fries aren’t as crunchy as the old, but they aren’t limp by any means. The starch coating is still there as well. At least now it’s not as strong. One improvement is that they now have less salt. I thought the old ones had far too much, maybe to mask the lack of good flavor in the fry itself.

But on the inside is where I think they are most improved. They now have a light, fluffy, potato-y interior. Actual potato flavor is what I felt the old fries lacked most, but the new ones kind of taste like a real french fry. Also, the fry holder didn’t have grease spots all over it, so while I’m sure these new fries are no healthier, that at least gives me the illusion that they are!

With all that said, BK’s new fries are an improvement. That may not be saying much, but it’s something. If the old fries were a 6 out of 10, I give the new ones a solid 7.5. They’re good, not great. They taste like a real french fry, instead of a grease bomb.

And if you want to try them today (Dec. 16), they’re giving them away! You can stop by your local BK and grab a value fry for free, no purchase necessary. Sounds like a good deal to me. Free is my favorite price. Or if you’re reading this at a later date, the value size is just a buck. Give them a try!

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  1. Arwyn Quandry

    I tried these out today and wasn’t impressed. I used to love BK fries with their crispy greasiness and these disappointed me greatly. Not only has the outside lost most of the heavily crisped saltiness it used to have, the inside overpowers it and is too soft for my tastes. I also thought they had an almost chemically aftertaste which wasn’t hidden or improved by katsup.

    If nothing else, these have bumped BK fries down in my fast food fry ranking and brought Wendy’s up to number one.

  2. TL

    I think the new fries are terrible! So much so that I decided to google them. Starchy, plain, unseasoned, tasteless. And the new oil coating they made up (and what the heck is in that?) sure did keep them hot. Too hot. They were too hot to eat until after we finished our burgers. Yuck. Burger King’s food has gone downhill.

  3. TL

    I also agree. The new fries are much worse than the old ones. I’ve stopped going th BK now because of the change.

  4. Russ

    Believe it or not the new fries are actually the old (original) ones. They changed them in the late 90’s. They changed them in the late 90’s so they would stay crunchy longer. Glad the original ones are back.

  5. Cate

    Burger King ‘s new fries SUCK !!!!!!!!

    Why can’t these STUPID fast food places leave well enough alone?????

  6. Debbie

    I am very disappointed with their new fries. The old ones were sssooo much better…. Hope they bring them back…

  7. Angry Customer

    Anyone know where a size chart is for the size of the fry containers? I ordered a number 1 with an extra large fry, and after a very infuriating visit inside to fix my burger, I get home to find that my LARGE fry on my reciept which I paid for, is only a cenimeter larger than my GFs small fry container. I don’t care much if they mess up, but when I pay more for a large, and they jip me with a medium I’d like to know.

  8. stephen chudy

    these fries and everything else that goes through the fryer have a distinct chemical aftertaste if you cannot taste that you have a very poor pallet people with poor pallets have no business commenting on the taste of food period these fries simply taste like SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Spencer

    I happen to dislike THe new fries. Idk if you were high at the moment that you tried their new fries because you gave them a 7.5…More like a solid 3. They’re disguisting. Have absolutely no type of flavor, leave my mouth feeling numb(A weird sense). I officialy stopped eating at BurgerKing because of their new stupid menu. They also changed the buns on a few of their burgers. Very disappointed, IDK why they did this but even my my little cousins dont like eating their no more. And the commercials are just ridiculous, their target audience is a joke. FUCK U BIRGER KING.

  10. Lisa

    I hate fries @ the King and whats up with the size?? You order a medium get something that looks like a small. I’ll grab a whopper and run for Mc D fries.

  11. Billl

    I ate at Burger King last night.
    The fries were covered in salt crystals.
    I could only eat about four of them before I had to quit.
    I don’t know how anybody can eat anything so salty.

  12. Mike

    I think someone mistakenly posted that these fries are the old fries from the 1990’s. They are absolutely not. Two new recipes later and they have yet to recapture the old soggy cafeteria DELICIOUS fries they used to have. Hardees served similar fries….and so did Wendy’s until they changed theirs too. These AREN’T the old fries these are TERRIBLE NEW FRY #2 for Burger KING.


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