I saw this article last week and it got me thinking. Not so much about the disgusting sickly sweet concoctions that fast food restaurants want to foist upon us every year, but about other seasonal drinks that you have seen and some you  may not have heard of.

Of course you have Eggnog, everyone’s favorite thick rich holiday drink. Like many other things out there the FDA has decided it’s safer and better for us to have corn syrup, guar gum, carrageenan or artificial ingredients and thickeners than to have eggs. So I encourage you to make your own at home. You don’t have to use whole raw eggs, you can go the semi cooked route and cook the yolks. My own personal preference is bourbon rather than rum but whatever liquor you are fond of will work just fine.


So everyone knows egg nog, but how about some more non-traditional holiday drinks? Sticking with the egg theme, I’d like to introduce you to a Tom and Jerry. Truly it is an eggnog variant that is served hot. The hot water and milk will slowly cook the egg so it is in the safe zone

You could also go all out for an English Christmas Punch. Nothing gets your party started like a flaming bowl of punch.

 Citrus, red wine and tea come together with fire. Did I mention the fire? Because fire is fun.

So this year break out of your holiday rut and branch out with some different seasonal beverages. You can impress your friends and family and light stuff on fire.

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