Despite their confusing, avant-garde commercials of late, Skittles’ well-established, slightly trippy presence alongside forerunners M&Ms, Snickers, and Milky Ways have made them a Halloween classic.

In grade school, my friends and I engaged in a curious and meaningless practice – we would dump out our Skittles, organize them into rainbow order, and eat each color separately. Later on in life, I decided this was too much work and took to dumping the whole packet (if it was a little one) into my mouth at once. This resulted in a giant ball of saccharin awesome-ness that would last for at least five minutes.

How do you eat your Skittles, So Good readers? The rainbow order way? All at once? The regular way? Or maybe you prefer to make adult beverages out of them? Let us know and explain your method in the comments below!

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11 Responses

  1. Lady Callahan

    I just make my kids give me the red ones, they can have the rest. I do want to try Skittles jello shots one day, though.

  2. Hannah

    Green, then purple, then red, then orange, then yellow. In order from worst to least. Every time. Yes, I’m considering getting help for my ADHD problems lol

  3. Mandi

    Purple, green, yellow, orange, then red. REVERSE rainbow, man. Gotta save the best for last.

  4. Cory

    I make taste creations. Cherry-Lime? Good! Grape-Lime? Good! Lemon-Lime? Of course! Orange-Grape-Cherry-Lemon-Lime? GOOOOOD!

  5. Geena Stepp

    dumping them all in your mouth at the same time is the only way to go when eating skittles…

  6. James Stroer/Wichita Kansas

    I shove them up my ass and squirt some water up there and wait about 10 minutes and shit them back out into a glass and then drink the shittysugaryfruity drink. I work at a porn shop in wichita kansas so im a nasty person

  7. Emily

    I eat one at a time. But i like to suck on them until the outer shell is gone and theyre really soft 🙂 I also like to bite two different colors in half then stick them together. I’m just weird….


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