“That will be $4.27. Pull ahead to the first window, please,” squawks the black box.

“I hate mustard. I hope they remembered to leave the mustard off. Should I tell them again? What should I do?”

These are the thoughts that run through your head as you pull your car up to the little sliding window. There, an apathetic-looking teenager takes your money and hands you a warm paper bag. Cringing slightly at his indifference to your mustard predicament, you tentatively take the bag from him and pull ahead. You find a deserted corner of the lot and put the car in park.

Deep breath. The moment of truth. You dig around in the bag, unwrap your sandwich, and slowly lift the bun…

Yep. They forgot.

It’s a horrible reality, but those of us who bravely put ourselves at the mercy of fast food service are bound to experience a messed-up order every now and then. The question is, do you go back? Do you turn your car all the way back around the drive through again and correct your order, or do you just let it go? Maybe it depends upon the severity of the mistake (forgetting the burger on your cheeseburger, for example*). Or maybe it’s a matter of principle for you. You’re paying good money, you have the right to receive good service.

Do you go back, So Good readers? Vote and let us know why or why not in the comments below.

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*This actually happened to my mom.

H/T to ZeldaLinkedGreen and GrubGrade for the photos!

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4 Responses

  1. Cynthia

    When I ask for an ingredient to be taken off or whatever, it’s because I really don’t like that item. If the preparer (can’t always call them cooks) messes it up, I am not going to eat something I don’t like when I paid good money for it. Take it back.

  2. Thomas Keller

    If I’m getting fast food, its because I’m in a hurry. If I cared what I was going to eat, I would’ve gone elsewhere. Take it and keep going.

  3. Geena Stepp

    im really not that picky…. haha when mom got the wrong smoothie… that was a funny day…. good times….

  4. Raiders757

    Take it back. Honestly, it would be better if all the condiments were left off and up to the customer to apply as desired. At least for me, that is.


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