It’s late at night and you’re driving home from a long business trip. You’re starving. All of a sudden, you see the following road sign:

Your first thought is: “Mecca of food meccas! Where should I eat?” (actually, your first thought is, “Wow, that’s a poorly-designed sign.” But let’s move on from that).

Where do you eat, So Good readers? Do you go to McDonald’s for a classic Big Mac? Or do you prefer the fresh ingredients and variety that Subway offers? Maybe nothing can satisfy you quite like some Burger King french fries, a Wendy’s frosty, or a blizzard from DQ. Taco Bell? Arby’s? Hardee’s? Vote for your favorite fast food restaurant below and explain your choice in the comments (also, remember Hardee’s and Carl’s, Jr. are basically the same restaurant).

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  1. mark

    Hardees for me, mostly because we don’t have them in my area so I like to eat there for variety. Thickburgers FTW

  2. Jon

    Taco Bell usually for me off of the list you have there. But where is Sonic Drive In in your list?? The are 1 of the top burger chains in the country and my preference.

  3. Smokin'

    Subway unless it’s winter – then I’ll choose a drive-through chain. Probably Arby’s.

  4. MDAlmighty

    It definitely depends. If you’re walking back late (doing who knows what) from the house on campus and see those heavenly golden arches there is no escape. Need. Cheeseburger. And. Fries. Otherwise during the day I’ll choose Subway anytime over McD’s. Love my Spicy Italian mmm

  5. Steph

    Burger King for the veggie burger! Then I stop at Wendy’s for fries….. 😉

  6. Laurentiis, Giada De

    Subway is gonna win. Mostly because people vote their conscience, but also because its really good.

  7. Julien

    That list isn’t complete and depends on your region, but among those, Wendy’s hooks it up cleanly.

  8. Lis

    If I saw a sign like that, I’d go to dairy queen, only because I’ve never seen one before.
    Otherwise, I’d choose Wendy’s for the yum.

  9. James

    What the heck, No Sonic Drive-In. theres no place better for a late night snack then sonic. My preference is cheese sticks and a hot fudge shake.

  10. Julien

    In-N-Out is always a safe bet, but there are plenty more between my time in Texas and Southern California.

  11. Sam

    James – Sonic is truly glorious. I didn’t include them because I didn’t think they were well-known enough, but a Google Maps search shows me they’re more common than Wendy’s, Hardee’s or Arby’s! My bad! Go Sonic.

  12. Raiders757

    Wendy’s . Wouldn’t mind Arby’s, but they are beyond slow, so a late night stop is out of the question.

  13. Obbop

    For some unknown reason Sonic’s burgers give me indigestion.

    I proclaim Taco Bell as the choice for a multitude of reasons.

    A HUGE selection of edible vittles with ample inexpensive offerings.

    However, what with the ongoing economic depression and becoming near shantyless and unable to pay for the possibly life-saving surgery needed I look first at the dumpster behind reachable food joints and select the most accessible one and conduct my dining there.


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