These days it seems that everyone is running a marathon. Certainly there are many training tactics rookies and veterans use to make it through the 26.2 grueling miles.  Yet, yesterday, I read about a method that is neither advisable nor reasonable to anyone with an IQ over 4.  Joe D’Amico, from a suburb of Chicago, prepared for March’s L.A. Marathon by eating every meal for a month from McDonald’s.

You might think that this fellow is another dopey first-timer or looks like the Stay Puft marshmallow man.  You would be wrong on both accounts.  He has run more than a dozen races and is in decent shape.  However, there seems to be no real reason for D’Amico to do this beyond being a first-rate buffoon.  In contrast to Morgan Spurlock, who notably, and revealingly, filmed the dire effects of eating at the golden arches for 30 straight days, this “runner” went into this because he “wanted to do something different.” (Swell. Couldn’t he have just dressed up like the cop from the Village People and call it a day?) I can’t even image what this garbage did to his body on a day-to-day basis, but I hope this doesn’t carry over to other would-be runners who will most certainly drop dead when combining such opposing lifestyles.

That said… Readers – what do you think?   Did this guy get his own punishment by having to eat Mickey D’s for a month, or was it all just in fun?

[D’Amico did manage to raise a good chunk of money for charity during his anti-cleanse, so that one good thing to come of this.]

H/t to Darren Rovell’s Twitter feed for the scoop, then SRI and HuffPost more details.

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7 Responses

  1. cr8dv8

    Wow, could you be any more unnecessarily judgmental? Who cares if he ate it for a month? He’s an adult and can make decisions on his own, and I’m sure he didn’t do it thinking “Mickey D’s is good quality food” or anything like that. At best it’s a publicity stunt, at worst it’s just a bad decision.

    But, ranting on like this? You’re coming across as a total douchebag. Lay off the elitist crap and post some quality posts or not at all. Instead of wasting your (and our) time with this nonsense, why not spend it doing something for charity, like he did?

  2. JT

    Judgmental? You bet! In my opinion, it was just a stupid ploy for attention and a bad message to send. Have you never made fun of any “adults” who did anything you thought was worth calling out?

    Thanks for reading, and bringing your opinion.

  3. Jadey

    Eating McD’s every day isn’t nearly as bad as in SSM, in the documentary Morgan ate significantly more food than he was burning due to the nature of what he was trying to show. It’s likely that Joe will be eating much more in line with what he needs for his bodys usage and taking nutritional supplements for anything that the diet is lacking during this time frame.

  4. Shawn

    I agree cr8dv8. If you don’t like the attention he got why are you giving him more attention? He gives a crap what some guy ate for a month? Why do you care so much?

  5. James

    You know the guy should have eaten at sonic drive-in instead. He would have had more varitety to choose from. lol

  6. Eick

    “[who] gives a crap what some guy ate for a month?” – Shawn

    Um we do. Because we are a food blog. Specifically, a food blog that writes about when people eat or do crazy things related to food. It’s kind of our thing. Check my post from a couple years ago about the dude who attempted to eat all 12 McDonald’s value meals in one sitting.


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