There are two types of ice cream cone eaters: biters and lickers.

Now before you protest, “But Sam, I do both!” delve carefully into your memories. On a childhood trip to Dairy Queen, you were one of two kids. The first kid saw that white, pillowy mound of soft serve with a curl on top and bit right in (which, if you had a mouth sensitive to the cold like me and my dad, had to be done by wrapping your lips around your teeth). This “biter” experienced the glory of indulgence, but found themselves envying the second kid, that annoying friend who somehow ended up with an entire cone in their hands when all you had left was the crunchy bottom part.

If you were this second kid, one of the more patient “lickers,” you saw an art to eating ice cream cones. Sure, soft serve was a creamy, sweet treat, but it was also a medium for expression. While your friend chomped away without a thought, you sculpted your cone to perfection, licking it into different shapes to make it last. While this eating style typically gave your cone more longevity, it came with its own risks – on a hot summer day you could find yourself with a flood of ice cream dripping all over your hands.

Who were you in the realm of ice cream cones, So Good readers? The biter or the licker? Vote for your answer and explain in the comments section below.

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  1. Sophia

    When I was a child I also had very sensitive teeth, so while trying to be cool I licked it so fast it fell off the ice cream cone.


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