Despite a number of recommendations, I have never watched a single episode of Sons of Anarchy on FX. That said, according to Brand Channel, the cable show has found a clever way to highlight products in their shows, particularly in the case of Jameson Irish Whiskey. As you can see in the photo above, taken from the final episode of season 3, the spirit is contained in a juice box. This is interesting, especially when this product does not exist, nor are there plans for its creation. My question is… Why not???

First of all, the juice box is essentially a perfect flask-size disposable container, to take with you wherever you might need a little hit of the brown water. Football games? Dry weddings? Going home for the holidays? Please pass the juice box.  And naturally this could work for any booze – Jameson just seems to be out in front on this one. Take that Bacardi!

Also think of the nostalgic love that everyone has for the juice box.  Are you telling me that you wouldn’t get a kick out of tearing off the back straw, stabbing the tiny foil-covered hole on the top and taking it down? (Just don’t break the straw for the love of all that is holy!) And what about the awesomeness of the post-juice box inflation and stomp?  Radical.

This idea has no downside, except for the minor part about looking like a product for kids. Well, that has never stopped marketers before, so get ready for the booze box revolution!

*Also known as the “mixer” juice box

H/t to Deadspin for the initial word on this story.

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