To eat whole, to break apart, or to dunk? Long has the war been waged surrounding these innocent-looking chocolate/white filling sandwich cookies:

Don’t be fooled by their seemingly tranquil aura of childhood nostalgia. You know it and I know it: their mere presence in a room evokes intense debate backed on all sides by years of snacking experience. For there are three ways, and three ways only, to consume this passive-aggressive cookie. You can (1) chomp it whole, (2) break it apart, eating the top cookie, bottom cookie, and white stuff separate, or (3) dunk it in milk, reducing the crunch to a soggy consistency that goes down like grainy, delicious pudding.

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  1. LA of LA

    Let me elucidate: Break apart means subsequently licking and/or scraping with your teeth the sugary white filling before consuming any chocolate portion of the Oreo.

    I’m sure those brain-surgeon marketing guys at Hydrox got fired a long time ago….

  2. Sam

    Thanks for the clarification. Although I did recently meet someone in my office who peels the white stuff off and eats it like a patty. I knew you could do that with the peanut butter in Girl Scout Peanut Butter Patties, but Oreos…I had no idea.


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