Eick: Greetings So Good readers. I’d like to introduce So Good’s newest contributor. Sam (actually Samantha) is a third year journalism major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She loves thinking, writing, dreaming about, and – most of all – EATING food. Welcome Sam!

So Good readers, it’s time to throw out everything you ever knew about dieting and weight loss. Seriously – trash those untouched copies of The South Beach Diet and Jenny Craig workout DVDs (admit it to yourself: she was never all that attractive, anyway). Because this guy has found a new way to lose weight: eating Twinkies.

According to NBC, Kansas State nutrition professor Mark Haub lost 30 pounds over ten weeks consuming almost nothing but the deep-fried, abominable treats – one every three hours, to be exact. He actually ended up taking in less calories per day (2,600 to 1,800), demonstrating the supreme power of eating in moderation. Other healthy steps: supplementing his highly-processed diet with such nutritional mainstays as Oreos and Doritos, with the occasional multivitamin and can of green beans.

Who is this guy? He’s a nutrition professor, so  he can’t possibly ascribe to the myth that less weight equals better health. He must know the implications all this trash has for his body. Hell, this doesn’t even sound enjoyable.

Now, I’m not about to discount what is almost certainly the childhood dream of every person ever: eating candy all the time. But once you get past the initial glow of eater’s liberation, the idea of actually subsisting on nothing but a singular Twinkie every three hours just sounds like a horrible existence.

What do you think, So Good readers? Would you follow this Spurlockian charlatan into the golden halls of Twinkie-dieting, or pop in the next Jenny and ignore this gutbomb of an undertaking?

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