Mac Snack Wrap

I always get mildly depressed by ideas that want to seem original, yet are just rehashed garbage. Enter McDonald’s and the product that they’ve been testing in certain markets for the last few months: the Mac Snack Wrap, previously mentioned on So Good here.  This is essentially a Big Mac without the bun, wrapped in a tortilla.  I know, you’re hooked already!  If this is this supposed to be a “healthy” alternative to the pop culture burger icon, then they are sadly mistaken.  The Consumerist calls this concoction the ‘Big Mac Burrito’ which makes me gag even more than the thought of the actual burger.  McDonald’s, like Hollywood, has run out of new ideas.  I can’t wait for the McRib enchiladas coming to a quick service restaurant near you!

H/t to Eat Me Daily for the picture and to YumSugar for a telling poll (55% of readers would try it).

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  1. Lauren

    Where are the new posts??

    And yes that looks disgusting- good luck marketing that one McDonalds…


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