Pizza Cone

When it comes to food, I am very open-minded.  I will give just about everything a try.  But as Dirty Harry once said, man’s got to know his limitations.  Enter, the Pizza Cone. 

I know that the sharp folks in R&D think that America wants food “on the go” and “quick to prepare” (and yes, I did make air quotes just now) but is this really the answer that we have been looking for?  Also, is the unconventional cone shape for the pizza supposed to give a space-age feel that is supposed to distract people from thinking that it is an open-ended hot pocket?  And don’t even think of saying ‘pizza of the future’ either.

We have all tasted microwaved pizza, and we know the results.  This idea?  Not so good.

And as we all know, nothing says ‘winner’ like a pizza from a vending machine.  Barf.

Pizza Cone Vending Machine

H/t to Eat Me Daily for the scoop.

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12 Responses

  1. Victor

    Personally, I think it’s a great idea. Why stop at Pizza? You could put anything in it. It also looks like it would be easy to eat with one hand without it dripping all over you. I can’t see any seams so I doubt it leaks.

    As for being patriotic, I think this would qualify as the first truly “All American Pizza” since that Crispycones company seems to be based in California. Straight up Pizza of course is “All Italian” 😉

    Also I bet it doesn’t drip. There are no seams it seems.

  2. Raiders757

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought up on this site before. They’ve had a chain that sells these Pizza Cones in India for some time now. It was all the rage on the net last year.

  3. Brian

    I’m disgusted by the look of the top of the thing and I think those top few bites would be gross, but I also think this idea has potential.

  4. Sam

    I don’t even want to admit this, but the pizza cone looks delicious to me. Remember, this is coming from the girl who started salivating whenever Pizza the Hut came onscreen in Spaceballs.


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