PETA loves veggies

Leading up to the Super Bowl, there is usually buzz associated with certain ads, ones that companies hope will make a big splash during the game for whatever product/agenda they are pushing.  However, some ads don’t even need to make the air to hit their mark.  One example is the now infamous PETA ad, which has been rejected by NBC.  This pro-vegetarian campaign has the tag line “Studies Show Vegetarians Have Better Sex,” and shows models doing all kinds of interesting things with vegetables, no, not that interesting. There is fondling of broccoli, licking of pumpkins, the making of a vegetable gumbo in a hot tub – you get the idea.  See for yourself:

‘Veggie Love’: PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad

…And I thought I loved vegetables.

While I think PETA is usually beyond bonkers, I think this campaign hits its mark, and certainly spices up the whole pro-vegetarian movement.

I guess this means I am going to put off my purchase of the Meat Bikini, at least for now.

Guess who is coming to dinner? Meat bikini!

(If only we could find a way to pair these two squads up, Lingerie Bowl-style.  Imagine the passion on both sides!  Now that’s better than Cardinals/Steelers.)

H/t to Access Hollywood (!) for the top pic.

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  1. MF

    Dig the blog!

    It got me thinking about what meat would make the sexiest clothing. I’m thinking prosciutto.


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