Fry Holder

We take so many things for granted in the US – our freedom, our diversity, and of course, our access to portable french fry holders. Sadly, our comrades in Japan have never had the luxury of possessing a device customized for holding the best genetically modified food for salt, fat and sugar delivery. That is, until now.

As of April 24, global hero McDonald’s is giving away these “potato holders” to their Japanese customers, because obesity in that country clearly needs a boost.

Just think of it – happy Japanese fast food eaters scurrying around in their cars and on their bikes (!), all able to now have much easier access to their hot, crispy fries at a moment’s notice. Please don’t worry about the increased hazards of driving or riding while eating these greasy sticks – let’s not dwell on small details. As we all know, McDonald’s is known for their focus on health issues – they would never steer their customers wrong.

Please enjoy the press release here.

H/t to Serious Eats for their 2008 post on fry holders here in the US.

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