As if things haven’t been going poorly enough for Rupert Murdoch recently, while he was testifying before a British Parliament committee on the phone hacking scandal, he was hit by a shaving cream pie from some wacko.

Outside of his wife doing the old jump-slap on the perpetrator (and leading to the fantastic CNN quote “nothing comes between the slap-down sister and her mister”), I was left wondering – is it really asking too much to see someone use an actual pie?

Seriously, is it really that much harder to sneak in a shaving cream pie over a key lime pie? And shaving cream washes right off – but blueberry juice – forget your stain stick – that stuff is permanent. Want to leave an impression, hit someone with a coconut cream pie – you get the same “creamed” effect, but it is also delicious.

And maybe it’s me, but I expected more out of Jolly Olde England. Perhaps a Shepard’s Pie should have been in order…

Shaving cream? Please. Unimaginative, and just plain lazy. I expect more out of my lunatics.

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