Not even the eminent So Good Blog could avoid talk of Charlie Sheen forever – we are only human.  When I read that a California hot dog stand had named one of their own after the ubiquitous actor, I took note.  The toppings?

Onions, relish, tomatoes, mustard, peppers, a pickle spear, and naturally, tiger blood, aka Sriracha hot sauce.

What, no sprinkling of Adonis DNA, an essence of warlock, a dash of bi-winning, or a seven-gram rock of the drug, also called “Charlie Sheen”?  Too bad.

I hope the combination doesn’t turn the inside of the frank into Patton Oswalt’s Twitter assessment:

The inside of Charlie Sheen’s urethra must look like Willy Wonka’s boat ride.

That’s not, duh, winning.

H/t to TMZ for the photo at top.

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