Are you looking for a creative agency that lives and breathes food day in and day out? Are you looking for a firm that is not afraid to push boundaries and explore newly developed food platforms such as Pinterest, Food Gawker, and more? Then you have come to right place.

So Good is part of a network of sites that gets millions of page views a year. Behind all of the content is Rockwell Media, an agency that has excelled at food marketing and advertising.

Rockwell Media excels at multicultural brand building in the food space and has powered the marketing of big power brands and smaller sized startups alike. Rockwell Media has a full team of Spanish speaking staff ready to grow your reach into the growing hispanic market. We are ready to be your long-term growth partner for your digital marketing needs.

Food marketing in the digital age requires a serious amount of strategy and effort. Rockwell Media has partnerships with the largest advertising networks in the world and is positioned to launch new food brands and new products like no one else. Rockwell Media is an award-winning food marketing agency; schedule a consultation below.


[tabs title1="Design" text1="Design has become one of the most important aspects of food marketing. Without good design your product is likely to drown in a sea of obscurity. We focus on connecting storytelling and design to create a compelling brand experience. We have experience guiding all types of design including: package design, website design, landing page design, ad copy design, banner ad design, and logo design." title2="Branding/PR" text2="Nothing beats the power of brand loyalty in food marketing. Brand loyalty is the bread and butter of most successful food empires. We have experience helping craft brand strategies for premium and price focused brands alike. Having experience in both of these areas allows us to understand the subtle differences between both approaches that may make the difference between success and failure. Our branding services focus on your company's story to create a compelling emotional connection in your customers' minds. Our public relations services also keep your brand's story at the core. We have gotten press for our clients in a variety of publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, and more." title3="Social Media Marketing" text3="Social media has become one of the biggest word-of-mouth platforms in the world. Social media leverages relationships between people to spread the word about topics, ideas, and brands. When it comes to food marketing, few platforms have as much potential. We have the experience, expertise, and flexibility to run food marketing campaigns on every social media network, no matter its size or how long ago it was created. Need help navigating Pinterest's ad platform when it first comes out? We can help you." title4="Advertising/Media" text4="Rockwell Media manages several million dollars in online advertising each year. We have broad expertise in display ads, media buying, and pay-per-click advertising. We are highly-selective in our approach to advertising and only advertise in areas that have the highest likelihood of increasing ROI." ]

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