• McWingin’ it. (via The Impulsive Buy)
  • Baskin-Robbins redefines adorable. (via On Second Scoop)
  • S’mores Candy Corn taste test. (via Junk Food Guy)
  • As if regular Lunchables weren’t scary enough. (via Dino Drac)
  • This shit is bananas. (via Foodbeast)
  • Rootbeer pickle hot relish? Cola leather BBQ sauce? (via The Awesomer)
  • Pizza Shop in midst of  Breastaurant  scandal. (via Huff Po)
  • Haute Subway. (via Huff Po)
  • If Willy Wonka had a special stash. (via Foodette)
  • Where do Skittles come from? (via BuzzFeed)


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