• The Fancy Ketchup Throw Down. (via An Immovable Feast)
  • Fireworks, whipped cream and now Pop Chips? Katy Perry can do no wrong.  (via Junk Food Guy)
  • Too soon? I say neigh.  (via Serious Eats)
  • Please. rest your head on my wiener. (via Incredible Things)
  • Nice head with a delicious Vin Diesel finish. (via Soda Tasting)
  • Is the danger of Kool-Aid lung now a thing of the past? (via Dinosaur Dracula)
  • Folgers displaced by Breakfast beer? (via Huffington Post)
  • The “New Jersey Turnpike” and other insane bar shots. (via Buzz Feed)
  • Girls! I’ve found you a perfect dress for the Bacon Formal! (via Food Beast)
  • Remember when Johnny Cash made a run for the Border? (via Grub Grade)
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