• Double Stuf is for suckers. Behold Mega Stuf Oreos! (via The Impulsive Buy)
  • Skittles having an identity crisis? (via Food Stuff Finds)
  • Orange you glad these are only available in the UK? (via The Review Addict)
  • Totino’s attempts luring Foodies? (via Serious Eats)
  • Part milkshake, part Big Red gum. (via The Impulsive Buy)
  • You got pulled pork in my cinnamon roll. (via Food + Words)
  • Does A&E’s Intervention show cover Cornflake addiction? (via FoodBeast)
  • I’m sure Jed Clampett would endorse bacon infused moonshine. (via Christian Grantham)
  • Step away from the pumpkin pie soda. (via Soda Tasting)
  • I for one welcome our Chicken & Waffle flavored chip overlords. (via Huffington Post)
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