• Chester Cheetah has a four bag a day habit. (via The Impulsive Buy)
  • Road trips demand worthy snack mixes. (via CandyBlog)
  • Purple potato, melon & more krazy Kit-Kat flavors! (via Japanese Snack Reviews)
  • Cold brewed coffee in a bottle hawked by a chameleon? (via Possessed By Caffeine)
  • No Music Factories were harmed in the making of this review (via Soda Reviews)
  • Even Freddy Kreuger would have nightmares. (via Dave’s Cupboard)
  • Combo number GTA with egg roll. (via The Huffington Post)
  • Tips on making the ultimate Turkducken. (via Serious Eats)
  • Red Bull vodka Jell-o shots :for the discriminating College Student. (via That’s So Michelle)
  • Holiday flavor Pringles should come with coal at the bottom. (via Dinosaur Dracula)


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